Leased Line

Leased Lines

Dependable connectivity

A leased line refers to a dedicated connection that allows for communication between two sites (a point-to-point leased line) or between a site and the Internet (an internet leased line). Leased lines typically deliver bandwidth over a leased fibre connection, although copper local tails can sometimes be used as well.

Data is one of our most valuable services in today’s businesses. Whether its sharing files with your team or showing customers new designs. Consistency is demanded when it comes to data solutions.



Leased line services offer you the following:

  • Even though broadbands may offer similar speeds, the leased line is shared with no one else. Peak times during the day etc you have the same 100mb line. No downtime. Average sharing on broadband is 1:50 users. Lease line is 1!
  • Network is up and running 24 hours 7 days a week with unlimited usage – ability to have seamless file transfers, video conferencing, VoiP and any cloud based services. In the long run it cuts other expenses.
  • Upstream and downstream speeds are as fast as each other
  • More efficient – it’s a managed server and the downtime is rare and its monitored
  • Security – as you are the only users this keeps security high for point to point transfers etc


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